Both networks agree on their collaboration at the background of the regional partnership between the free state of Bavaria in Germany and the province of Western Cape in South Africa. The two networks want to act together and fair for worldwide sustainable development, especially in Bavaria and Western Cape.

Main areas of collaboration are

  • to raise people’s awareness about the causes of and the ways to solve global problems and to afford education for sustainable development and social transformation
  • to raise awareness for people’s responsibilities for a globally responsible development approach and to adjust their thoughts and local action this way
  • to know more about the partner’s work and to support it mutually
  • mutual exchanges about activities and research for common action possibilities (campaigns, workshops, seminars, conferences, training …)
  • mutual assistance in the dialogue between civil society and government
  • topics as e.g. fight against poverty, fair organisation of globalisation (strengthening of environmental and social standards) ...

"2010: Bavaria - Western Cape Cooperation-Agreement" (engl.)
"2010: Partnerschaftserklärung Bayern-Westkap" (dt.)


Partnerships between non governmental organisations, schools, churches and cities between Bavaria and Western Cape: -> "Eine Welt" -> "Afrika" -> "Südafrika".